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Pragmatic Slot Demo Gates of Olympus

Demo Gates Of Olympus is a slot released by game provider Pragmatic Play. There is no doubt that Gates of Olympus is the most popular slot in Indonesia to date. Gates of Olympus manages to capture the hearts of its players with an attractive appearance and an unforgettable character, namely grandfather Zeus who strikes lightning when lifting the stick in his hand.

gates of olympus demo
Gates Of Olympus Demo

The Gates of Olympus Slot demo is inspired by the theme of Ancient Greece with a design that looks pretty good.

How to Play and Features of Gates of Olympus Slot

The method of playing Demo slot Gates of Olympus of Pragmatic Play is very easy, because we only need to find 8 similar items on 1 icon. This online slot with 6×5 rules is characterized by 20 paylines and can reel anywhere an icon is present.

The 20 paylines in Gates of Olympus are always active, but you can set your bet level per line and your coin value. The former ranges from 1 to 10, while the coin value ranges from Rp10 to Rp6000. This means the minimum bet is €200.

Here are some of the features of the Gates of Olympus slot:

Tumble Feature

The Tumble feature means that any winning combination will get a payout and also all winning symbols will disappear. The top symbol will drop down to replace the missing symbol and so on until no one wins again.

Bonus Buy

The buy bonus can be used to purchase free spins in Gates of Olympus slot . This does come at a price of 100x the bet size. So if you bet the minimum, it will cost you IDR20,000.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus session is triggered by at least 4 Zeus Scatter symbols. The multipliers that appear are added to give you the total multiplier on the spin. You’ll start the round with 15 free spins when playing Gates of Olympus Demo, and if you get 3 or more Scatters during the round, you’ll get 5 additional spins.

Ante Betting

Players have the option to play on Ante bets which can increase the stake multiplier. When choosing to play on the Ante Bet feature, the Buy Spin Feature will be disabled but the Scatter symbol can appear more often in Ante mode.

Items In The Gate Of Olympus Slot

Before you play and win the jackpot from the gates of olympus slot gambling itself, each player must know the items or tumbles that will appear in the game. The value and outcome of each tumble will still be different. Do you already know what will appear? If not, on this occasion we will share a little information, let’s visit now!

  1. Crown
    The crown is the largest image compared to the others. Images that often make you tense up at the slightest hint of getting them. Successfully getting at least 8 crown images in the game will get 10x the bet amount.
  2. Hourglass
    Furthermore, this hourglass image is an image found in the gates of olympus demo slot game second position for the biggest payout on the most popular slots.
    For images that number 12 – 30, it will award a win of 25x. And if it is slightly smaller, it will be paid 10x the bet. When a minimum of 8 images are drawn, it means giving a win of 2.5x only
  3. Rings
    After that, draw Grandpa Zeus’ badge ring with the lightning bolt. Will give you a multiplication of 2x, 5x, 15x your bet if 8, 10, 12 pictures come out in the game.
  4. Gold Cup
    This is the picture that comes out most often0. The golden trophy image in this slot demo will make you 1.5x, 2x, 12x. This corresponds to the appropriate minimum limit when obtaining gold trophy images of 8,10 to 12.
  5. Red Adiratna Stone
    The red adiratna stone image will share you 10x profit from 12 successful icons. For 10 images that are obtained, it will give a win of 1: 1.5 of the bet amount. If only 8 pictures are obtained, the winnings are only 1x the bet value.
  6. Adiratna Purple
    If you successfully obtain 8,10 to 12 of these images then the winnings obtained are 0.80 – 1.2 to 5. It all depends on how many pictures you get in playing this gacor olympus slot. Generally, 10-12 images are often released for this image.
  7. Yellow Gem
    The yellow gem image of the olympus highest winrate slot with a small bet of €1000 will earn you €5000 when you get 12 images in the game. If it comes out 8 – 10 in the game then you will get paid 0.5 to 1x of the bet.
  8. Adiratna Green
    This image will give you a win of 4x your bet if you get 12 similar images on the screen. If it comes out 8 – 10 in the highest RTP slot game gates of olympus tergacor will pay 400 – 900 with a bet of 1000.
  9. Blue Adiratna Stone
    This is a very economical image of the gates of olympus pragmatic play Demo Slot game. If you get 8 – 12 similar images, it will give you a profit of Rp 250 – Rp 2,000. At the smallest picture, you can experience the big winnings of this easy jackpot slot.

Gates Of Olympus Conclusion

Overall I liked the concept of this Gates of Olympus slot Demo game, I think the way the scatters and multipliers work is quite unique. Because of this, slots have a high volatility and you may or may not like them. Also, although the multipliers seem very attractive, the game follows Pragmatic Play rules with a maximum win of 5,000x. So with this huge win multiplier, I expect a higher maximum potential win. For those who need dream book information, you can get it at bukumimpi888.